lundi 13 octobre 2014

The general sidewall of the dimensioning tire

The general sidewall of the other dimensioning tire is carried out on the following various display:

Brand name of the tire manufacturer and name

There is a change for the manufacturer to have a second brand name notation itself by the grade of the tire by the manufacturer. In addition, there is also a design and white letters painted white these names by the image strategy of the tire, white ribbon for applying white paint of the circumferential side wall (White Wall), etc. is applied.

Country of manufacture notation 

Other than the manufacturer in Japan, Europe is seen also cases that are engaged in the manufacture in Southeast Asia in order to reduce the production cost in recent years. By technology transfer, etc. from Japan and Western manufacturers, if the manufacturer of the country own to rise anew Many in the region was Hiroshi, cases go on sale in advance in Europe or Japan also found in recent years.

Manufacturing time notation 

Those of the years in month that time the tire is manufactured, the numbers of several orders of magnitude are always engraved. If manufactured after 2000 but notation 4 digits "1303" and "3409" and the like are carried out in many cases. In most cases, because it is (reverse notation manufacture week / year of manufacture or) notation, the former in the case of the above-mentioned side by side in the order of the number of manufacturing week that starts the first week in January and the year of manufacture is the date of manufacture of the tire "(in early March) week 13 of 2003", the latter - can be read as "the first 34 weeks of 2009 (late June in early July)." It is possible to know generally years tires purchased in new and used This is what has elapsed from manufacture. Also, is a three-digit, such as "249", two digits above in the week of manufacture, tires that have been manufactured until 1999 was the year of manufacture is under an order of magnitude.

Structure notation 

The material and structure of the carcass cord of the tire, and the notation indicating the presence or absence of inner tubes are. For example STUDLESS, carcass code STEEL If steel wire when the BIAS-BELTED, studless tire if BIAS PLY, bias belted tires if RADIAL, the bias tire in the case of radial tire notation and BELTED is. In the case of a tubeless tire when TUBELESS.